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MU Fiber Connector

MU Fiber Connector

MU Fiber Connector ​Specifications 1.Optical Fiber Connector mu type optic fiber connector 2.High interface performance 3.RoHS compliant 4.IL55dB 5.OEM/ODM mu fiber optic connector

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MU Fiber Connector

1.Optical Fiber Connector mu type optic fiber connector 
2.High interface performance 
3.RoHS compliant 
mu fiber optic connector 

Fiber Optic Connectors are ultra reliable components featuring low insertion loss and return loss.They come with your choice of simplex or duplex cable configuration and are made to conform to IEC, Telcordia GR-326-CORE Standard. 

The performance of the Fiber optic connector has been carefully designed to meet the IEC standards, GR-326-CORE, in the test of optical characteristics, vibration test, thermal cycling, impact resistance, salt spray erosion, thermal aging, humidity resistance and others. 

* Single mode and Multimode 
* Zirconia sleeves or Phosphor bronze sleeves 
* NTT standard compatible 
* Available without flanges or with flange for duplex, saving panel space 
* SC2 8Port high density for patch panel mount applications 
* Meet JIS5974 and bellcore GR-326 standard 
* Compliant with IEC874-14 & IEC874-19 
* All parts compliant with ROHS 

* Telecommunication 
* LAN & WAN 
* Network 
* Broadband 

Insertion Loss≤ 0.3dB
Durability0.2dB Max.
Operating Temperature-40° C~+85° C
Storage Temperature-40° C~+85° C
Remark: Ferrule Concentricity SM< 1um; MM< 4um                         Ferrule inner diameter tolerance SM125+1/-0um; MM127+3/-0um                         Ferrule outer diameter tolerance +/-0.5 um

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