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INNO View8 Fiber Fusion Splicer

INNO View8 Fiber Fusion Splicer

INNO view8 fiber fusion splicer

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INNO view8 fiber fusion splicer

INNO View8 With the most accurate core alignment technology and ultra-high magnification magnification, View8 is one of the most reliable fusion machines on the market. The exterior of the View8 fusion splicer is designed to maintain normal operation in a variety of harsh environments. View8 uses industrial-grade quad-core CPU, faster processing, GPU built-in WcatPro graphics accelerator, faster response, simple and intuitive graphics operating system, with a 5-inch high-resolution LCD capacitive touch screen, user-friendly. View8 is equipped with a large capacity battery that can perform up to 355 welding and heating operations. In addition, the improved fusion technology application allows the welding speed to be as fast as 5 seconds. The improved heating tank design allows the heating speed to be as fast as 9 seconds and the work efficiency is further improved. The automatic cycle calibration of the discharge greatly improves the quality of the fusion and the integration of the electrodes. These advanced performance technologies, View8 will provide our customers with the most reliable operating experience.

Functional characteristics

5 second speed welding

9 second speed heating

Display and interface

The core picture is extremely clear

     5-inch 800x480 HD LCD capacitive touch screen
      520 times magnification
      Friendly intelligent operation interface

Product specifications
View8 technical parameters
View 8


    163H x 162W x 159D mm


    Touch screen / button

    Applicable core number
    Single core
    Welding time
    5 seconds
    7 seconds
    heating time
    9 seconds

    Typical heating time

    Fiber amplification and display

    Double click on 520x to enlarge
    Applicable fiber type

    (ITU-T G.652 & G.657)

    (ITU-T G.651)

    (ITU-T G.653)

    (ITU-T G.655)

    3 LED white lights

    Fusion result storage
    10,000 latest storage records and 2000 latest fusion screens
    Micro HDMI
    Fiber placement and cutting length
    Cladding diameter: 0.125~0.15mm/cut length: 10~16mm
    Splicing mode
    Preset 128 welding modes
    Heating mode
    Up to 32 heating modes
    Typical splice loss
    SM: 0.02dB / MM: 0.01dB / DS: 0.04dB /
    NZDS: 0.04dB / G.657: 0.02dB (ITU-T standard is measured by shearing method)
    Return loss
    Splice loss estimate

    Fusion length
    Pull test
    Operating condition
    Altitude: 0~5000 meters,
    Relative humidity 0~95%,
    -20~60°C, 15m/s maximum wind speed
    Storage condition
    Relative humidity 0~95%, -40~80°C
    power input
    AC Input 100-240V, DC Input 9-14V
    Battery welding and heating times
    9800mAh battery capacity, 355 times of typical fusion heating
    Electrode life
    3500 discharges (with a special cleaner can extend the service life of more than 20%)


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